Switching to Influxdb2

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On a whim, I decided to switch from InfluxDB to InfluxDB2. I really had no real reason for this upgrade but I wanted to try out the second version. I didn’t bother with an inplace upgrade because I didn’t care too much about the data I had so I just restarted from scratch. Spinning up the application was pretty straight-forward given the Helm chart that InfluxData provides. Since all my servers were configured with Ansible, a simple change in a single Telegraf config template meant switching the output destination was very easy. Read More...

New (Old) Hardware + HA K3s + Prometheus

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The MacBook is for work. I just SSH into it. Despite having no need for extra computing power, and despite only wanting to buy one extra computer… I ended up with two. To be fair, it was very inexpensive for the both of them and now with 3 roughly equivalent machines, I was finally able to have an HA K3s cluster. Each node is also a Kubernetes control-plane so I can cordon and drain a node to upgrade or whatever without disrupting service! Read More...


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So I finally bit the bullet and changed the OS on my main server to Proxmox. I had 3 reasons for doing this. First, I wanted to split up the computing power of the physical hardware so I can have 2 K3s nodes running as individual VMs. The second reason was that I wanted to separate out my NFS server a single host isn’t doing two different things. The final reason was that I just wanted to learn and try out Proxmox. Read More...