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So I finally bit the bullet and changed the OS on my main server to Proxmox.

I had 3 reasons for doing this. First, I wanted to split up the computing power of the physical hardware so I can have 2 K3s nodes running as individual VMs. The second reason was that I wanted to separate out my NFS server a single host isn’t doing two different things. The final reason was that I just wanted to learn and try out Proxmox.

I want to give a plug for the excellent tutorial I used. It’s made by one of my favorite content creators, CraftComputing. I used this video as a reference for the installation and setting up my VMs.

Now that all that is done, I have a separate NFS server, and a 3 node cluster of K3s. Two of which run AMD64 architecture and the third runs ARM64 since it’s a rockbox single board computer. Check out the diagram on the homepage.

Snippet of my main Grafana Dashboard with the new hosts