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I like video games. This is my website. It's served out of my homelab K8s. Please no DDoS.

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Using a kanban board for tracking my personal to-dos was something I should have started a long time ago. I’ve been using Kanboard and while it’s great and feature-rich, it is a little overkill for my needs and it frankly looks a little dated. Mattermost folks recently came out with Focalboard and it looks simple, powerful and I love the UI. I waited a bit to see if anyone was going to start maintainnig an image and helm chart for it but ended up doing it myself. Read More...

Contributing to K8s at Home

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So I decided to deprecate all the charts I wrote and migrate them to this open source repo maintained by folks from k8s-at-home. I’ve been using some of their charts already and they have a robust library chart that makes it very simple to add new charts on top of. So naturally, I took my charts for Syncthing, Whoogle, Owncast, and Pretend You’re Xyzzy and contributed them to k8s-at-home! You can even see me in their contributors section in the readme at the root of the repo. Read More...


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Kanboard: A self-hosted Kanban board, exactly as advertized. Has great features like automatic actions that trigger on creating tasks or moving tasks, etc. UI is clean, though a little dated. I have no idea why it took me so long to do this but I’ve since replaced my todo lists with a kanban board. This way, not only can keep your list of tasks, but also track which you’ve started on and their priority, category, and separate them out to different projects. Read More...