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I like video games. This is my website. It's served out of my homelab K8s. Please no DDoS.

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New (Old) Hardware + HA K3s + Prometheus

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The MacBook is for work. I just SSH into it. Despite having no need for extra computing power, and despite only wanting to buy one extra computer… I ended up with two. To be fair, it was very inexpensive for the both of them and now with 3 roughly equivalent machines, I was finally able to have an HA K3s cluster. Each node is also a Kubernetes control-plane so I can cordon and drain a node to upgrade or whatever without disrupting service! Read More...


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So I finally bit the bullet and changed the OS on my main server to Proxmox. I had 3 reasons for doing this. First, I wanted to split up the computing power of the physical hardware so I can have 2 K3s nodes running as individual VMs. The second reason was that I wanted to separate out my NFS server a single host isn’t doing two different things. The final reason was that I just wanted to learn and try out Proxmox. Read More...


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Sharry is a simple no-frills file sharing web application. I wanted a way to share multiple files that were too large to share via my usual chat client. Sharry allows me to upload these files, and then get a link that allows people to view and download them directly. The link is generated and not easily guessable so the rest of the public won’t have easy access to it. It even allows you to setup a password for the link you’re sharing to ensure only privileged eyes can view the files. Read More...