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Kanboard: A self-hosted Kanban board, exactly as advertized. Has great features like automatic actions that trigger on creating tasks or moving tasks, etc. UI is clean, though a little dated. I have no idea why it took me so long to do this but I’ve since replaced my todo lists with a kanban board. This way, not only can keep your list of tasks, but also track which you’ve started on and their priority, category, and separate them out to different projects. Read More...


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So I took a look through Archivy’s code, trying to determine if we can scale it up as a gunicorn WSGI app rather than the single threaded Flask app that it is now. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t seem to be completely stateless (i.e. login sessions weren’t shared between the instances) so I decided find a new wiki or notes alternative. I looked through about 10 options and landed on wiki.js because it was feature rich, it had password protection, it already has a maintained helm chart so I didn’t need to write my own, and it uses just PostgreSQL for its database, which I’m already running for Concourse. Read More...

3-node cluster + Grafana dashboards + more pipelines

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3-node k3s cluster Edit: I had to take the surface offline because it had networking issues and would break my the ingress of my entire cluster. Since I’ve started, I wanted to have a 3 node cluster. Microk8s was too heavy and I couldn’t run it on my rock64. It couldn’t even run on my old surface well enough. Thankfully now that I switched over to k3s, it’s super light and can run comfortably on all my hardware. Read More...