Archivy - self hosted knowledge repository

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I’ve been kinda looking for a pastebin sorta app to self-host. Saw this open source flask app that just hit version 1 and it seemed to fit my needs and more. It’s called Archivy and basically it has enough functionality for me to use it as a pastebin, wiki, and just general text and web page archiving service. Backed by Elasticsearch, it allows for full text search as well. Once I saw they had docker support, I was sold. Read More...

MicroK8s -> K3s

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So… I got some more hardware in the form of rock64 boards. One to replace my old first-gen raspbery pi which is barely enough to keep up as a pihole ad-blocker. The other I was adding to my k8s cluster, so it’s actually a cluster with more than one node. Thing is, microk8s isn’t micro enough to run on the rock64 board, so I went to another k8s distribution that everyone online seems to approve of: Rancher’s K3s. Read More...

K8s at Home

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I found a repo with lots of charts on github called k8s-at-home/charts. Turns out navidrome is one of those charts. The whole repo is really cool because they have a common chart that is pretty robust and serves as a base for all their app specific charts. I did find a flaw though, I couldn’t map a service port differently from the container port that it’s directing traffic to. I.e if the app in the container listened on port 8080, I had to use port 8080 in my service instead of just 80. Read More...