Restic and Nextcloud

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As mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to setup a cloud storage solution for my dad to store files. Before I did that, however, I needed to make sure that the files I store are safely backed up offsite. I had tried out Duplicati but I simply could not get it to work. Probably due to how slow my upload speed is, Duplicati simply would get stuck at a near the end and never complete the first full back up. Read More...

TrueNAS Core and Duplicati

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When my dad said he wants somewhere to store all his GoPro footage, I had to jump at the opportunity. I already had a PC with a big case running a mini-ITX motherboard and have been wanting to fill in the empty space for a while. This was my Proxmox machine running a NFS server and a k8s node. It had a 1TB boot drive and a 2TB HDD for NFS storage so I ended up buying 2 more of the 2TB HDD and a 500GB SSD to replace the boot drive. Read More...

Oracle Cloud Free Tier, Cloudflare, and Terraform

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Edit: Aug 29, 2021 So… I didn’t like managing both docker-compose via Ansible and stuff in K8s with Helm so I ended up changing the ARM VM in Oracle to run a single node K3s as well. Works just fine so I think the issue with the TCP connections was just that the lower powered single-core, 1GB VMs I had before were just too slim to run K3s in a HA cluster configuration. Read More...