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Archivy - self hosted knowledge repository

I’ve been kinda looking for a pastebin sorta app to self-host. Saw this open source flask app that just hit version 1 and it seemed to fit my needs and more. It’s called Archivy and basically it has enough functionality for me to use it as a pastebin, wiki, and just general text and web page archiving service. Backed by Elasticsearch, it allows for full text search as well. Once I saw they had docker support, I was sold. Took a few hours to setup a helm chart and boom, I have it up and running in my k8s exposed to the internet for my use anywhere.

So far, I’ve moved some old bookmarks into it and started on a wiki about my homelab to reference in the future. No major issues so far so I’m really liking it. Looking forward to the new features.

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